For too long, our country has left our military out of the loop after their services have been rendered. Crying about an issue, without proposing a solid solution, is just that, crying. Crying does nothing for our veterans. It does not feed them, clothe them, or support them after they have left their sight. More important than that… given someone else to protect when they come home. That sense of purpose that can only come from selflessly helping another human being when they need it most.

Myself, Melanie Spoon, Stephen Harmon, John C Robison, and Attorney Shaun Hodge have come together to provide a solid week of training for 5 veterans who are already in one of the prospective fields. Public Insurance Adjuster/Independent or Staff Adjuster/ Storm Restoration Contractor. We have limited for what should be obvious reasons, if you do not have some knowledge of what is going on, you will not understand a word we say. The intent is to take 5 veterans, and change their life over the course of a week. And then, like anything else we do, figure out how to do it better, and affect more of our veterans in a consistent, positive, way.

What we will provide for the first five, is as follows:

  1. Hotel stay in Galveston to include Sunday night through Thursday night.
  2. Hotel will provide breakfast and we will provide lunch.
  3. Xactimate certification level to be determined by Stephen Harmon.
  4. Appraisal fundamentals by John C. Robison.
  5. Documents and administrative process by license public insurance adjuster, Melanie Spoon.
  6. Law, ethics, and valid contracts by attorney Shaun Hodge.
  7. Public Insurance Adjusting 101 with licensed public insurance adjuster, Cal Spoon.
  8. With the first four classes being in the books, what we can say, without fail, is that a camaraderie is born over the course of the week. By Friday, friendships and business relationships are formed, and the sky is the limit for where any of that may end up.
  9. Class will have the normal limit of 10, so if you wish to be one of the other 5, you need to speak up now, in the comments section below. The first five get the spot. (They will be the normal cost of the course, $2,000.00, but will get the added bonus of lunch provided, as well as some folks that may want to join your team after.)

What we need from you is pretty simple.

What would be the best way to nominate and select the five? My main concern is that the process be quick, easy, and without bias from any of us who are participating.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.


The Property Loss Appraisal Network, otherwise know as the P.L.A.N.

The Hodge Law Firm.

Harmon XM8 found @ and

We will forever be grateful for that blank check you wrote when you joined the armed forces to protect this great nation of ours.

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