After the completion of 4 sessions, we can safely say, the verdict is in. Those who have received their certificates had the following to say about what they gained.

Clint Adams

So just completed Cal Spoons PIA Bootcamp down in Galveston. All I can say is wow!!! Experience like no other. Applied some topics I learned last night at 7pm via email to the desk. “Prompt payment of claims” and the statutes that apply. Have had a stagnant claim for about 5 months, and though I would just exercise my newly informed rights as a PIA toward the carrier. Setting in the last day of class this morning and received a text from the insured. Insured was told this morning that a ck for $448,000 was being overnighted to him. Despite popular belief, getting you license is only a small fraction of what it takes to properly protect the insured. This class is a must for not only new PIA’s, but veterans as well. If you don’t have the process your not, fulfilling your job as a PIA. I left this class as a new PIA. I look forward to engaging my new mind set from here on out. I want to say thank you to Cal Spoon Melanie Spoon and Shaun Hodge. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

David Swindler

Cal Spoon is the real deal! He teaches a repeatable process that works! I saw him help another experienced Texas PIA who was in class, resolve an almost half a million dollar claim. By resolve I mean the carrier stopped beating around the bush and OVERNIGHTED a check. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I highly recommend his class. I would be negligent if I didn’t give high praise to all the instructors! Shaun Hodge taught the legal aspects of class in a very relatable way. Last but not least is Melanie Spoon, she brings all the systems together! She was very patient explaining how to properly set up repeatable internal process. Thanks Public Adjuster Boot Camp!

Ken Klawans

I attended Public Adjuster Bootcamp the week of September 9th, 2019.

Cal is definitely a unique individual. He’s a strong proponent of the industry and has a desire to see every public adjuster not only succeed but thrive. He’s passionate about his craft and certainly is an expert in the field. On a personal note, he’s just a really good guy with a huge heart who is the first in line to help those in need without the expectation of anything in return.

I personally wasn’t interested in listening to a teacher who had little to no real world PA experience. I also wasn’t interested in simply learning enough to pass a state exam. I was looking for an insider’s take on the industry, and that’s what I got with Cal. He’s beyond generous with his time and willing to share his own secrets to his years of success.

The week was spent learning, engaging in meaningful discussions and being introduced to industry resources/contacts. Definitely a unique perspective that was well worth the price. Thank you Cal!

Juli Harmon

This is an opportunity that anyone who wishes to be an advocate for the insured should take! Cal, Melanie and Sean are very passionate about what they do and will give you valuable knowledge that will help you truly make a difference.

Jeff Brown

This course was exactly what I needed. This is a readymade system in place to get claims paid properly and quickly by utilizing the law and holding carriers responsible for doing all the things that we hate so much. And that is only scratching the surface. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough.

If you are tired of feeling like the kitten, when you should be standing proud, this boot camp is exactly what you need.