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Well folks, i think everyone that attended the Dallas conference would say it was a major success in every aspect.

What is left is the reality of what each and every new PIA must face prior to becoming licensed in this field. There is no direction, and nowhere to locate any…

Today, just minutes ago, Shaun, Melanie, and I sat down and went over the next steps, you know, the ones that need to be taken after the workshops.

A school.

A real, live Public Insurance Adjuster proving ground, that teaches old and new professionals, the ins and outs of what proper procedure are, and most importantly, the beginning and ending of any claim.

Stay tuned. Company is formed. Name will be exactly what anyone would expect from us,, it will be the name behind what we do from here, now, in the pursuit of making this dream of ours a reality. Thank you all for your help in opening our eyes, and pushing us to share what it is that we have.

While this process is new, what we are talking about is not. What we are doing is not. We have just figured out how to package it, and get it to you.    This rocket is about to launch!   Can’t wait for everyone to secure their spot onboard!