To my knowledge, we are the only place someone wanting to become a Public Insurance Adjuster can come and learn their craft by other licensed, professional Public Insurance Adjusters.

When I became a Public Insurance Adjuster, I had the advantage of owning a previous building company that did a whole lot of hurricane restoration, tornado, fire, flood and hail claims. After a decade of doing so, I had never even heard the term #PublicInsuranceAdjuster, much less understood what they were, and how terribly insureds needed competent ones to navigate a claims process designed by the folks who owed you the money…

That’s right. The folks who become your adversary the second you file a claim against a policy you purchased, perfected the process that ultimately removes every bit of coverage paid for.

In Texas, and a majority of the states, the legislators have enacted laws defining who we are and what we are allowed to do…

#ProtectTheInsured… is exactly what we are allowed to do, and it has been my privilege to do so for over a decade. In an insurance claim, there are only two entities who can legally do so. An attorney, and a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.

That narrows it down to roughly one person to help every single hair on our heads… Individually.


Then, add the fact we are talking about now… for the Public Insurance Adjusters, there is not a single place to go, and actually learn how to do your job… (Which is exactly what your insurance company prefers.)


We are doing our level best to change that, and bring accountability to our profession, and a solid working expectation for #Insureds who hire one of us.

If you are looking for somewhere to learn real world Public Insurance Adjusting, you finally found it.

Class is NOT dismissed… we are just getting started.

As always and forever, #ProtectTheInsured.

Cal Spoon