Blank insurance claim form


Obtaining a Public Adjuster license is only the beginning steps in becoming able to assist the insured in a covered loss against an insurance carrier. Few people understand that when they file an insurance claim, they are no longer handled by the same folks. They are transferred to the “Claims Department”. These folks are well-trained in how to minimize payouts, and maximize their employers profits. It is their job. That being said, it goes against the entire concept of insurance.

If you owe a claim, you pay a claim.

You do not attempt to remove or circumvent ANY costs associated with that claim.

Truth is ugly. Carriers across the board are minimizing claims simply because the insured has no one who actually represents them, the insured. Not the insurance company or a contractor, but someone who is solely responsible for the insurance portion of the claim… A Licensed Public Adjuster.

Like anything else, we do not just wake up one morning and automatically know how to actually BE a Public Adjuster. There are no schools to speak of, and minimal training information available anywhere.

The most powerful corporations in the world… Insurance Companies, would prefer it stayed that way…

I am here to make sure it does not. Knowledge and training are the most powerful tools available. Over the last 6 years we have developed and perfected a complete system that when performed correctly, is unbeatable.

With this program, I cannot cram a life time of knowledge into one session. What I can do, is give you a crash course, hardcore training session that will include the majority of situations you will encounter, and the tools to overcome them. Including estimating and real world situations to adjust.

As with all knowledge, one can never have enough. Once the session has been completed, there are a multitude of support resources that are yours for the taking. Over the years, some of us who are dedicated to this cause have built multiple platforms to further that agenda.

All at your fingertips.

Cal Spoon