If any of us, InsuranceBusters.net, Melanie Spoon, Shaun Hodge, or myself, Cal Spoon, have helped you without asking for anything in return, this is one of the very few times I will ask a favor of my own.

If we, as a profession, and as actual Insured’s ourselves, do not begin to protect ourselves by gaining knowledge, we will fade into the abyss of claims that never get settled, which will lead to the questioning of our existence. We are the most vulnerable in the entire profession, and every claim is fraught with pitfalls that are, in reality, traps set by very clever, very wealthy corporations who cannot stand our existence. Which translates into, our license dictates it.

That favor:

It is a simple one.


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Nico Stringfellow sent this message to me this morning, and it literally raised the hairs on my neck, and gave me the goose bumps. Ultimately, prompting this post.

Cal, I just want to let you know that I bless God for you. Your labor of love for the people that we, as public adjusters, serve is definitely worth the thanks. I have been, for the last 3 years attempting to put together a curriculum for a course like what you are doing now. I can honestly say that I no longer need, nor do I want to pursue it because I know that God brought in the right man for the job. While I love to teach and help Public Adjusters along the way, I think that there is no better person to start a school on the “how” than you. I will be a big advocate because it is something that is so dear to my heart. I’m glad someone is finally taking people from “License to Live”. God bless you, my friend.


About that favor…


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As always and forever, #ProtectTheInsured