Full Graduating class, minus Joel, who had to catch a flight.

This past session was one for the record books. We were able to host 4 veterans for a full ride through the course.

This is one of their stories.

Nick Gallardo: Review found here.

I would like to extend my deepest and most sincere gratitude to Cal Spoon, Shaun Hodge, and Melanie Spoon for being allowed to attend this past weeks’ Public Adjuster Boot Camp.

I also would like to thank Stephen Harmon and John C. Robison for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend a couple days with us and share some valuable insight, experiences, and very beneficial training.

With all of these Titans in their field, it is impossible not walking away with a tremendous amount of knowledge and a deep understanding of what makes them extremely successful. If you are on the fence, or planning to eventually someday attend the PA Bootcamp, or even if you feel this will not benefit you one-bit; I strongly encourage you to give it strong and honest consideration.

I personally consider myself pretty new at being a PA, but even from the seminars provided this past summer, to attending the most recent PA Bootcamp, I was blown away at how much I took away. The tools, knowledge, documents, forms, spreadsheets, etc. provided absolutely overwhelm the financial investment by ten-fold.

This is more than anything you could imagine, people keep talking about how to improve the PA world, how to be more inclusive, how to better scale, how to better network, how to better share, “how to this”….”how to that”, but here they have absolutely taken action, and have commenced something special and something that is not even available on any spectrum anywhere else. I have seen that the PA world continued to be very secretive, very selective, very exclusive, very “hold my secret sauce close”, etc. Not here! they are an open book, answering questions and giving honest and constructive feedback.

I give this training 5 out of 5 stars!!!!! Worth the investment on every capacity, even if youre a seasoned PA, or at an apprentice level, this is for you. After this, I have a clear and concise direction on where I want to go, I have a clear direction on what additional training, coursework and certifications I should be investing in.

Thank you once again to Cal Spoon, Shaun Hodge, Melanie Spoon, Stephen Harmon and John C. Robison for taking time out of your extremely busy schedules to lay some invaluable knowledge.

Also, I would like to thank all the attendees, from the most seasoned to the newly minted PA’s, I know I have friends, peers, and brothers at arms for life!!!!


Thank you Nick, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you, and our profession is better for having you. #Brothers4Life!